Monday, March 01, 2021

Draw postponed for a day

Mr. UPS should be delivering boxes from Malabrigo tomorrow morning. Malabrigo Sock will be available online tomorrow afternoon. I will also be making kits for the Temperance Shawl and they will be online tomorrow as well.

This is Blue Sunset (purchase that pattern on Ravelry) that is knit with two Sweetgeorgia Party of Five kits. It is a brand new pattern by Tabetha Hedrick.

Fresh and bright, colourful and lacy – this decadent stole has it all. With two Party of Five sets in your favourite hues, your wardrobe will meet the spring with as much loveliness as those first blooms.

Someone has a new favourite place to sleep.

The Felted Tweed draw will be happening tomorrow night. I started thinking about my dad picking a number. I can say between 1 and 65. He is never going to pick 1 and never pick 65. We’re going to come up with a different draw technique tomorrow.

I was quickly checking the TV earlier and The Voice is starting again. Blind Auditions are the best episodes. Beth and I wound skein 3 of my Party of Five and I’m going to knit a few rows before bed.

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Lynne said...

The internet is a great random number generator - you can even just type "random number between 1 and 65" and it will return an answer. I used it yesterday for a draw of my own.