Thursday, February 07, 2019

The Hipster

Lynda has been busy making a store sample. The shawl will be blocked tomorrow and it will be here next week. Meet The Hipster (pattern purchased on Ravelry)
Lynda used tosh vintage for our sample.

Joji designed the shawl and writes
I confess not being able to channel my inner hipster too often… But sometimes I knit pieces like this warn and fuss free shawl and I can feel myself instantly transported to the coolest, little known coffeeshop in town… 
Do you have an inner hipster?  
And if you don’t, do you have a bit of time and some worsted yarn around you? I promise this is the coolest quickest shawl you’ll ever knit.

This sweater is all about being playful and having fun with color! One colorway is used consistently as the “background” while 3 contrasting colors make up the textured colorwork using the Mosaic knitting method! This is one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe - it looks fabulous with high waisted pants and skirts, layered under overalls and pinafores or over dresses and tunics!
Shifty (pattern purchased on Ravelry) has been very popular and we are excited about the colours of Dyed in the Wool coming next week. Right now it says Wednesday afternoon.

All photos ©Andrea Mowry

The main colour takes 4-9 skeins depending on the size that you are doing. We have10 skeins coming in
Idle Nights
Mississippi Marsala
The Family Jewels

We have a bag (5 skeins each) coming in
Truth Bomb
Summer Love
Dead Reckoning

Laine Magazine #7 will be available in the store on February 15th. Contact us to save a copy.

Ms. UPS brought in our spring Rowan just as I was closing. I thought about staying to play but it was so foggy out that I wanted to get home. Alex and I will have fun tomorrow. Ms. UPS will be visiting again tomorrow afternoon with yarn from madelinetosh. What a happy day!

I came to work this morning but drove Beth's truck. I wasn't sure how our parking lot at the store would be. It was amazing. Totally clean. The opposite of my house and street.

The ice on the plants looks awesome!

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Jane said...

Love the Hipster Shawl, mine is similar to the original colour on Ravelry. A very quick knit!