Friday, February 08, 2019

Night Bloom

Mr. UPS came late this morning with our tosh. It is all over the store.
We have three new colours in pashmina. Undergrowth, Night Boom and Meet Me in the Basement.
I had a hard time putting Night Bloom on the shelf. It is gorgeous!
There is something so special about denim yarn, and Denim Revive has an added dimension, thanks to its sustainable credentials. Made from recycled cotton fibres that give Denim Revive an almost tweedy effect. A perfect choice for lace, cables, or even a fisherman's gansey.
Rowan's Ocean Blue magazine has great patterns for Denim Revive - you can see them all on Ravelry.

Trying to get a picture outside wasn't fun. The wind was blowing snow in my face but I wanted to show how the first skeins worked out. I like how the colours are playing together. I ordered more Uneek Worsted that we should see next week. I'm dreaming of different combinations for the shawl.

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