Sunday, February 17, 2019

Family Day

The store will be closed tomorrow for Family Day. I'll be at home knitting and doing a bit of work. Watch your inbox because a newsletter will be going out in the afternoon.

Lynn is almost finished her Throwback. The colours of Woolstok she chose look great. I know that Sarah's is finished. Lynn is almost done. I will be restarting mine this week. Wannietta - how far are you on yours?? We are going to wear the Throwback as our booth uniform at The Knitters Frolic. The floor plan is ready - you can start planning your day.

Let your friends know about the Frolic and invite them to join you. You can copy and paste this to your social media pages.

I knit a lot today. I had to if I'm going to finish before Alex. Dream State is a dream to knit with. 😉You already know that I love the pattern

I have a few more rows in me before bed.

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