Thursday, December 20, 2018


I can finally share some good news about our GarnStories order. The yarn arrived in Canada on November 20 and was sent to Canada Customs. A letter was sent to us on November 23 and we received it on December 6 that they needed more information. I contacted my broker and from December 6 until yesterday (December 19) we have been working on getting my box released. Finally after many, many phone calls (and even more phone calls) we finally have the release for the box and today it has gone to Canada Post.

I don't have an arrival date yet but hopefully we'll know tomorrow.
Funky Bizz
Our Merino Singles base is a 100% Merino, superwash base. It is beautifully soft and smooth. As a single ply fingering yarn light pilling is possible. This base takes dyes, especially speckles, beautifully. 366m per 100g
I can not wait to see the yarn in person!!
Tea with me
We have 29 colours coming - 8 skeins of each. I won't be starting anything until the box arrives.

Dad and Lucy came for dinner and then we put dad to work hanging more pictures. We have had pictures leaning on walls since our house was painted. It was time to hang them.
We're wrapping presents tonight. Okay, Beth is wrapping presents. I am very meticulous about a lot of things but wrapping is not one of them. Beth claims it is because I don't do it enough. I wrapped one present for Beth and gave up. She is doing the rest of them.

Now we need to tidy the house. The cleaning lady is coming tomorrow 😉

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