Monday, September 10, 2018

Work for Wool??

We have 3 new Potlucks in Hedgehog Skinny Singles. They are hanging in the store and I've added them to the website.
At Hedgehog Fibres we encourage our dyers to be creative and not just follow recipes. Potluck™ skeins are one of a kind skeins created by our artisan dyers under the watchful eye of Beata, who trains all our dyers and oversees all colourway creations. 
Potlucks are unique, special and never to be repeated. We create these in small dyelots, usually in lots of 4 to 10, but often just one or two. Once they sell, that's it! They pop up in our store sometimes and our retailers can order them too. Potlucks are fun and spontaneous, always speckled or variegated and (almost) never semi-solid. Look out for these little gems! They are like Easter eggs and are the most unique product we have in our range.

Lynn and I have been unpacking today. We're almost finished.

As we were closing the store Lynn received a text from our friend Kelley saying "10 more sleeps until Camp". Thanks Kelley. I'm already stressed :)

Sarah's husband John took some great pictures of her wearing her Comfort Fade Cardi. I think we might need to 'hire' John to be the store photographer. I wonder if he'll work for wool.

My flowers look like they are enjoying the rain. Just a few more weeks and they will be gone.

It looks like Hurricane Florence will be hitting close to Myrtle Beach on Thursday. They are starting evacuations tomorrow morning. Our houses are out of the evacuation zone so hopefully they will make it okay. I've been joking lately that I want to remodel our house - it might happen sooner than I thought :)

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