Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Too many or not enough

Churchmouse Yarns and Teas has a new pattern.

Perfect timing because we are expecting a big order of Rowan Alpaca Classic tomorrow. Unfortunately the white and dark grey aren't in this shipment but they might make it on Friday.
This free pattern creates a graceful shawl you can throw around your shoulders or over the back of a chair with equal elegance! In straightforward stockinette stitch, it’s the perfect project for newer knitters or accomplished knitters. The Simple Stockinette Wrap is great for some ‘zen’ knitting between more complicated projects! 
We held two differently colored strands of Rowan’s Alpaca Classic together throughout this plush wrap. DK-weight Alpaca Classic has a cotton net at the core of its strand that captures an abundance of alpaca fuzz. When held double, this yarn creates a sublimely soft, squishy fabric that’s perfect for snuggling!
You can download the pattern for free on their website.

If you are ever in the Seattle area, please make the trip to Bainbridge Island and visit John and Kit. Their store is amazing! If I was able to restart my store from scratch I would want it to look like Churchmouse Yarns.

Alpaca Classic is made using a cotton net which is filled with superfine alpaca fibers, resulting in a wonderfully soft, light weight yarn you will fall in love with. 
Due to its fine weight, and intense colour palette, Alpaca Classic is ideal for fairisle patterns and a multitude of garments and accessories.
I've been working like crazy on my Espe hoping to have it finished in time for Camp. I finished Chart B and started on Chart C. Row 1 of Chart C is almost finished and I have too many stitches or not enough stitches. Either way there is something wrong. I looked at the pattern.

Today's PSA - read your pattern and don't assume!! 

I was supposed to work half way through Chart B before starting Chart C. Now the debate. Rip out 6 rows or work 6 more rows. I'm going to leave it for tonight but I'm pretty sure that I'll work 6 more rows and then do Chart C.

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