Saturday, September 01, 2018

The end is near

Three short row sections are finished. Now a fading section and then the last of the short rows.
I'm going to be busy tomorrow and Monday. I need it finished so that I can get it blocked.
Blea Rock is another new pattern in Lore.
Blea Rock is a slouchy pullover that is both fun to knit and easy to wear. Knitted in Lore, the rhythmic smocking stitch and relaxing stocking stitch allow the rustic, lofty nature of the yarn to shine. This classic sweater is worked in pieces from the bottom up and seamed for strength and stability.

Meet Brandelhow.
Brandelhow is a modern take on a fisherman’s sweater featuring panels of mock cables and a textural broken rib. Knitted top down in Lore, it uses short rows to cleverly shape the shoulders, neckline and sleeve caps to ensure great fit.

Parcel Tracking Updates

Uschitita - Right now it says that the boxes are coming sometime on Tuesday. That means anywhere between noon and 5:00. We will have the yarn available in the store on Wednesday and then it will be packed on Thursday for the Knitters' Fair.

Hedgehog - Right now it looks like our box will be arriving on Tuesday. More colours for the shelf plus another four Potlucks.

This afternoon was Uncle Jim's birthday party. Everyone laughed at us buying him so much ketchup. This is the picture and note we added to his card.

We bought you 65 bottles of ketchup for your birthday. Then a call came from Ancaster Community Services that they needed ketchup for their food bank. We donated 60 bottles to them in your name. We figured that 5 bottles would do you for a few days. 

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