Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Stephen West

Our dogs lead a hard life.

Beth and I are getting ready for our Fantasy Football draft. I'm writing, actually I'm going to show lots of pretty pictures and not write too much, quickly before the draft.
New from Uschitita.

I showed Double Your Pleasure last week.

Inspired by a Stephen West design, our version is very easy to knit with short rows and stockinette/reverse stockinette. 
Kits are packed for the Knitters' Fair. There will be kits in the store as well. If you are coming to the store on Friday or Saturday we left lots of yarn for Cathy. All colours of Hedgehog. Lots of madelinetosh. New Yarn Bombs from Freia Fibers.

©Stephen West
This Friday the next Stephen West MKAL will launch. Watch on Ravelry so that you can plan. We will put together some colour combinations next week to inspire you.

The draft is over. Our team looks good and we're ready for the season to start tomorrow night. Now it's time for Big Brother and knitting. My Comfort Fade Cardi is still drying. Lynn might be sewing in ends as we drive to Kitchener Saturday morning :)


Anonymous said...

Julie, do you have a link to the double your pleasure shawl?. I can’t find it in your last week posts. Peggy

Julie said...

Peggy - We don't have the Double Your Pleasure Shawl on the website yet. We will be adding it next week. The pattern isn't available on Ravelry - it is only in the kit.