Thursday, September 27, 2018

Game Board

We have brand new colours from Regia.

REGIA PAIRFECT is now available in rainbow colors! Just start knitting: No matter where you start (toes or top of the leg), the striped effect is guaranteed! This innovation by REGIA makes it incredibly simple to knit two identical self-patterned socks from one ball! REGIA PAIRFECT is ideal for beginners who want to try on socks for the first time, but also represents a considerable relief and time savings for advanced and experts. With the usual positive wearing and care properties of REGIA.
You can see the yellow yarn on the outside of the ball that is pictured. You cut off the yellow and that is where you start. For the second sock you wind off until the yellow and start again. Perfect stripes!!!

I started on my Game Board Cardigan last night. The first row is slow. There are 23 boxes across the row so setting up all the colours is time consuming. Then it got a bit quicker.
The chart looks like this. I'm taking a few liberties with it. If I am supposed to work 3 rows with a colour but I have enough yarn cut to do another row then I am. Caveat - I'm only doing this within a block. I will change all colours when it is time to start the next blocks.

Our Irises are blooming again. That was totally unexpected but I love the purple pop in the back yard.

I'm on dog duty tonight. It is the first time that I have looked after Lucy by myself. She is having a hard time getting settled. Her dad isn't here. Beth isn't here. The two people who look after her. She lies down for about 15 minutes then she runs to the door looking for the red or blue truck. We'll be okay. Sooner or later she'll fall asleep.
Now back to my knitting. I just realized that I forgot to change needles after the band. My tension looks good and the cardigan is very oversized so I'm continuing on. I'll make adjustments on the front if I need to.

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