Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Jean Moss

I first met Jean Moss in 1997. She came to Canada to teach workshops and we were lucky enough to have her at the store. Her book Jean Moss Book of World Knits had just come out. I fell in love with her multi-coloured designs.

These designs are from Jean's book Knits For All Seasons. The pictures are a bit fuzzy-sorry-they are the best I could find. I always wanted these sweaters and seeing them again hasn't changed my mind.

From Jean's blog
Jean Moss is one of Britain's leading knitwear designers. A self-taught knitter, she has been producing her own unique collections for 20 years, as well as designing for Rowan Yarns and many international fashion houses such as Ralph Lauren, Laura Ashley and Bennetton. Her innovative combinations for intricate textures, striking colorways, and sophisticated styling have been widely influential over the year.
Jean has a new book being released this week. Mark January 12th on your calendar. I will be reviewing the book and there will be some surprises in my post.

I'd like to be able to write that we have received yarn, books and/or needles this week. Nothing. Many of my suppliers took the week between Christmas and New Years off so they didn't start shipping until yesterday or today. Hopefully we will have presents later this week.

It is really, really cold in Ancaster today. Really cold. The World Juniors (hockey tournament) is on our TV right now and they are in Calgary. The weather there is unseasonably warm. 12C. Hopefully the warm is going to blow this way and fast.

I made Beth watch the Bachelor last night. The first night is always fun seeing the new girls. Talk about drama last night. Crying. Cat fights. Great TV.

I'm working away on my poncho and have passed the halfway point. I will be getting into the fourth ball tonight while watching Canada play their semi-final game at the World Juniors. Hopefully Canada jumps out to a quick lead so that I can get some knitting done while watching-if it's close then I will be too tense to knit.


Lois Evensen said...

Both designs pictured and lovely. You couldn't possibly get bored while knitting those.

Joanne said...

I've been a Jean Moss fan for many, many years. I made one of her sweaters and there are many more I want to make, including the ones in the pictures you shared. Right now I'm knitting the Penumbra cowl from her new book. She'll be stopping by my blog on Saturday.

I enjoyed your post.

Jean Moss said...

Thanks for the jogging my memory Julie. Have just written about the shooting of Knits for all Seasons in today's blog.