Monday, January 09, 2012

I can't stop

I was a knitting machine yesterday. Here is my cardigan. I finished the front, sewed the shoulder seams, picked up 284 stitches around the neck and have worked 3 rows of ribbing.

Today was hair day. I can't go to TNNA next week with grey showing. I have to blame that one on my parents. They were both grey very early and they passed it down to Beth and I.

While there I did some knitting on my Hitchhiker Scarf-the cardigan was a bit too much to carry with me. This is Noro Taiyo sock yarn. If you want an easy to memorize pattern for on the go knitting you can buy the pattern on Ravelry. It will take two balls of sock yarn. I've already made one in Prism Saki and love the scarf.

Cathy worked in the store for me today. I can only imagine how neat the store will be tomorrow. Nick, Mr. Canpar, brought in two huge boxes while I was bringing Cathy a coffee.

Box 1 had 6 colours of Frill Seeker including black/white and purple/mauve. I can't remember the other colours. Sorry.

Box 2 had 5 colours of Ondas.

Beth made it home from Myrtle Beach and my furry friends are very happy. They are upstairs wrestling. If you saw it you would think they are trying to kill each other but they are having fun.

While writing my blog post I am writing two newsletters. If I can get Beth to read the main store newsletter tonight it will go out tomorrow. Later this week there will be a sock newsletter. My cardigan is calling and I'm pretty much out of words. Can't wait for the drama in tonight's The Bachelor. :)


Lois Evensen said...

What pretty projects. :) I, too, carry my knitting just about everywhere. I'm not shy at all. ;)

Anonymous said...

Watching the Bachelor is odd. Its really bad tv, yet you are hooked - and can't beleive the producers do not do psych evaluations of the contestants before they go on the air.....and who thinks Blakely was faking her tears in the corner in the luggage room ...oh and the model who got the rose...Yes Ben she is too good to be true!!!!!