Wednesday, December 02, 2020

It Happened

I had to try the cast on last night. I was right. Follow the video and you can do the Turkish Cast On. The first few rows are awkward but keep going. A suggestion is to take thicker yarn and larger needles to try the cast on and work a few rows. When you are comfortable with it you can start on smaller needles and thin yarn.

My yarn is Old Soul Fiber Co. Soul Twist in the colour Pink Panther.

This is my first time using FlexiFlips. I like them. For my other socks I am knitting on double pointed needles. Every few rows I drop the spare needle - I don’t have this problem with the FlexiFlips. If socks were my traveling knitting I would definitely use the Flexis.

Stephen West has a new knit along starting December 26. I signed up on Ravelry.

Welcome to the first annual Hiberknitalong! It’s the coziest time of year, so let’s knit a new shawl for the new year as we hiberknit through the deep winter nights together.

The Hiberknitalong begins December 26!

Sign up by purchasing this Hiberknitalong e-book.

When you purchase this Hiberknitalong e-book, you will receive an intro PDF with all the yarn info you need to participate. Then, you will receive not one, but two Hiberknitalong shawl patterns on December 26, so you can choose your favorite of the two designs to participate in the knit along. One of designs will be a triangular

shawl and the other design will be a semi-circular shawl. Both designs will be revealed on December 26 as a surprise and you will get the entire pattern instructions on that day. Collect your colors in December and then eagerly wait for the December 26 reveal and cast on your favorite shawl from the two pattern options.

You can use any fingering weight yarn to participate and don’t forget to share your colors in the Hiberknitalong Ravelry group where we will also share our progress and knit along together once the patterns are revealed.

From Stephen on yarn choice

I especially love non-superwash wool for winter projects because it’s so comforting and cozy. 

These shawls will be fabulous with hand dyed superwash wool yarns as well! The most important part about choosing yarn, is making sure you love your colors! The exact type of twist or fiber composition isn’t very important for these designs. Choose a main color that contrasts well with all three contrast colors. It’s all about choosing beautiful colors that make you happy!

I am going to look at Le Petit Lambswool for mine. 

Lykke and Mindful needle sets should be in the store next week.

We’ve watched The Amazing Race and now it’s The Masked Singer. Another hour of knitting.

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