Thursday, September 17, 2020


Kate Atherley has a new sock pattern that you can purchase on Ravelry. From Kate
I love self-striping sock yarns like this one, but they can be harder to use than you might expect. We want the stripes to work out perfectly but they rarely do. A hand-dyed yarn is always going to be slightly uneven, no matter how good the designer’s work. And no matter how well you knit, you’re going to experience some variation in tension that can cause surprisingly big differences in the patterning. And then there’s the worry about “breaking” the stripes. Sock knitters often resort to using an afterthought heel so that the color progression isn’t interrupted between the leg and the instep, but the afterthought heel is generally a pretty poor fit for most adult feet. 
So for this pattern, I’ve decided to go the opposite way: to absolutely not match them. The two socks are entirely different, and I’ve let the (color) chips fall where they may. Don’t overthink it! This uses my favorite all-purpose all-fitting top down, with reinforced heel flap and heel turn, and a no-graft wedge toe sock. 

While we are talking about socks, Regia has a new line of yarn in Kaffe Fassett colours. These could arrive tomorrow.

Later in the day an email came that the new colours of Crazy Zauberball have been shipped. We should see these next week.

I can’t wait to see this ball in person. It is calling out that it wants to be used in a Botanic Wrap.

Speaking of next week - I will be away Friday, Saturday and Monday. That means no pick up and no shipping. Dad and Beth rented a cottage for the week and I’m going up next weekend. What is going to be my knitting? That’s up in the air right now. I still have a week to decide.

Now it’s knitting time. We have baseball, football, hockey and Big Brother.

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