Friday, September 04, 2020

I couldn’t help myself

This happened. I was making kits for The Shift and decided that I really need to make one. I’m not happy with any of my projects right now so a bit of colour will make me happy. My colours are Melancholia, Neveruary and Midsommar.

I should have had knitting to show you but there was a small issue with my ball winder. It is electric and wouldn’t turn on. I was about to hand wind the balls when it decided to work. I have no problem hand winding yarn. I do it all the time but I wanted these in cakes so you can see the colour progressions and how the yarn will stripe.

Manos del Uruguay has two patterns coming out for LYS Day. We will have yarn and patterns available at the store. I understand that not everyone is able to attend so I will make these available online after LYS Day.
Anthias, a stunning Fino fade-out wrap, pairs a new Fino Mini-Skein Kit created to showcase the center-out design: a gradual fade from Iight to dark lends itself well to this interesting construction!
This shawl is knit with two mini skein kits that are the same colour.

Opalite is a study in color illusion: the colors of Fino Mini Skein Kit Willa, are hand-picked to step up and down in color value. The result? A gorgeous wrap that appears as if it's rippling in the breeze, thanks to the light-to-dark color palette. Opalite is knit on the bias with changing colors, so it's a project that will keep you engaged from beginning to end!
This shawl is knit with one full skein of Fino and a mini skein kit.

This was on Andrea Mowry’s Instagram page tonight. The pattern is coming out September 10. It is knit in Le Petit Lambswool and Dyed in the Wool. I will put together combinations early next week.
Now some hockey and knitting.

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