Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Seven boxes arrived today

The tosh is here. Kerstin and Linda were digging in the bag like little kids. :) The colours are amazing.
As we were unpacking I put together four colours of tosh dk for the Comfort Fade Cardi.
Night in Chile
Simply Greige
Night in Chile (which has a bit of purple in it that matches the purple of Good Silence)
Good Silence

The order from Autumn and Indigo arrived today as well. Claire's colours are amazing. These are the kits for the Comfort Fade Cardi.

The Fading Point kits are awesome.

Linda came in wearing her latest Bambara. Stunning and so summery.
Linda wanted me to hang it on a mannequin. I said 'No way. You are going to model it.' It looks amazing on her.
I'm home and on my way upstairs to wind some yarn. It's time to cast on my Comfort Fade Cardi.

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