Saturday, June 09, 2018


I really want to knit with Barefoot - a new colour from LITLG.
I would like to do a one coloured shawl. Probably two skeins because I like a big shawl. Please leave a comment on today's blog post with the name of  your favourite one coloured shawl. Leave your Ravelry name as well so that I can contact you. From all the comments received by June 13th I will randomly pick one winner to receive a $25 gift card for the store - to be used in the store or online.

If you have an idea for a shawl that uses two colours I can work with that as well. I would like big chunks of colour - not stripes because I want the colour to show.
Auburn Wave is always a possibility but I have already knit it 4 times so a different pattern would be better.

It's Heritage Days this weekend in Ancaster. The big event is the parade. I was in the store early (8:15) and by 9:30 I needed another tea. I walked down to Tim's and got some pictures pre-parade.

I took a few shots from the end of the driveway of the actual parade. They were all pretty much the same and you can't really see what is happening but it is a big event in Ancaster. It has been for almost 40 years.
We’re thrilled to have Olympic Silver Medalist, Sarah Nurse, and Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist, Laura Fortino, as this year’s Parade Marshals!
I saw the back of their heads as the convertible they were in pulled onto Wilson Street. After the parade they are signing autographs - very cool.

Beth went to Terra and bought dad's flowers. While they were planting them they forgot that the front door of the house was open. All of a sudden Lucy was outside. Beth opened the door to her truck and Lucy hopped right in.
She gave them directions on where to put the flowers.

I think that 6pm might be a little too early for bed so I'm going to knit. Maybe an hour and then bed :)


Anonymous said...

Ara shawl by Andrea Mowry
Ravelry UB24

Flemisa said...

The shawl that is high on my list is "The Five Way Shawl" by The Gourmet Yarn Shop Israel. And the price is right. My Ravelry name is Flemisa.

Anonymous said...

Branching Out by Tincanknits is my favourite.

amchart said...

What about the Midsummer Rose pattern by Lene Tøsti or Adrift by Veera Välimäki, both from the latest edition of Laine Magazine
Rav amchart

Unknown said...

Nice to see this list! I'm partial to "Waiting for Rain" by Sylvia McFadden. I haven't started it yet, but it's in my queue. lnrskye on ravelry.

Anonymous said...

I have 3 suggestions: Be Kind by Veera Välimäki, Mille Feuille by Kelene Kinnersly or Ara by Andrea Mowry.
I am Smbe on Ravelry.
Happy Knitting!

Flemisa said...

Found another one -- the new Laura Taylor one called "Touchstone"

Anonymous said...

Really great to see the suggestions. Summertime Blues or Groovy (yes, I know it’s a really easy knit, but I think it would show off your beautiful yarn). My Ravelry name is Yummygirl.

Maggiesmash said...

Have you ever seen vertices unite knit in one colour? I think it is stunning, and the pattern is supposed to be fun to knit.

Example here:

Rav: maggiesmash

Anonymous said...

Maybe a Jet Stream by Heidi Kirrmaier? Looks like a relaxing knit with some interesting details. My username is vldeveau
Thank you!

Kate & Jeremy said...

Fluidity by Tanis Lavallee
My Ravelry name is wanderkeg

Debbie E. said...

I like Taina by Eeva Kesäkuu, my Ravelry name is "debbever".

Carolyn said...

Ambah has a new shawl coming out in the end of June, called shiri. It is a two colour shawl, but the second colour is a really small amount.
I’m going to make it with soot and stovepipe ��
My name is Bouwmancarolyn

Kim said...

One of my favourite shawl patterns is Draper by Sara Morris (
I've knit it three times and always enjoyed the process - they have all been gifted to family. Ravelry name: alliecat55. I'm going to check out the other suggestions now!

Anonymous said...

I like sunwalker by Melanie Berg. It is a really large shawl and I used 3 skeins when I knit it.

Rita (moose113 on Ravelry)

Anonymous said...

I like Estuary by Tin Can Knits. I haven’t made it yet but I plan to one day!
Fcp on Ravelry

Andrea Soltes said...

I like Gard by Melanie Berg. I think it might be a bit big even for you Julie!

Julie said...

Joji Locatelli has an interesting looking 2 skein shawl called Bark Lines. I haven't knit one yet, but plan on doing so soon. My Ravelry name is kevers265.

Julie said...

You've seen Linda's shawls on the blog. Here is her list

Here are a couple of single colour shawls I’ve had my eye on.

Julie said...

Susan sent me an email from Mexico.

Here are my suggestions for shawls.
Banksia or Alinda, both by Ambah O’Brien are good sized one. Alinda is done in lace weight but would work in fingering wt. it is a huge shawl!

Anonymous said...

I have just printed off "Stormy Sky Shawl". It uses a 5.5 mm needle and creates a light fabric which would be great for summer.
Debbie Bolt
dbtinksalot on Ravelry

Alex said...

My current favourite one colour shawl is "Adrift" by Veera Valimaki. It is a beautiful and big two skein crescent shawl in the latest Laine magazine, issue #5 - long bands of garter stitch, eyelets and moss stitch. The yarn you have in mind is beautiful. (I am AJane on Ravelry.)

Anonymous said...

I think a two colour option that could be interesting is the Fountains of Rome, designed by Sara Huntington Burch, but fair warning, it does have wide stripes. My Ravelry name is RioBioBIo. I'm looking forward to reading about Cleveland