Sunday, June 03, 2018

Happy Birthday Dad

I made it outside for pictures just before the rain. I finished last night.
I really, really like how the colours came out. The shawl is totally different from any other in my wardrobe.

Today is dad's birthday so we had some family time. We took Lucy and Roko for an adventure this afternoon at the K9 Fun Zone in Caledonia. This is a salt water pool where the dogs can go dock jumping. It is around the corner from my dad's office and he kept saying that he wanted to take Lucy. Beth booked it last week and we had 30 minutes in the pool.

Roko had fun swimming. He didn't want to jump in off the end of the dock - he kept walking down the ramp. We'd get him out and then he'd turn around and go right back in. If he was a few years younger he would have loved running and jumping to get his frisbee.
Lucy will splash in any puddle she sees. She is in the pond all the time at doggy day care so we thought that she would have fun here. Not really. She only likes water when she can touch the bottom. And forget about dock jumping. She wouldn't have any of that.
 There is a huge fenced in area for the dogs to run.

Someone was so tired that she couldn't stand up any longer.

Dad and Lucy went home for a nap and are at our house now for steak dinner. What do he get for his birthday? Work pants. Work boots. An alarm clock. Barbecue utensils. He did well :)

Now a game of Five Crowns before my parents friend Bea comes over with ice cream cake. The day keeps getting better.

There was one bad moment in the day. I was knitting away on my other Fading Point. Between last night and this afternoon I had knit 8 rows. All 8 had to be pulled out. I thought I remembered the pattern so I didn't read it. Just started working. I was wrong. Now it's ripped out and I'm ready to go after cards.

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Sally said...

Hi Julie,

I want to wish your Dad a belated Happy Birthday.

Go Gemini ! ! ! !

Is that him with Lucy holding him down?