Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Getting organized to go

I was looking for something last week and found a scarf that Beth knit but didn't block. Who are we kidding - I didn't block it :) It's been blocked and now it's hanging in the store. The scarf takes two balls of Zauberball Starke 6 - one ball each of two different colours.

Last night she finished a cowl. Lynn has sewn in the ends and is going to block it for Beth.

Pattern: Cara Cowl (purchased on Ravelry)
This slipped stitch polka dot pattern is a simple way to add a beautiful texture to Stockinette stitch. Knit in the round, the finishing couldn’t be more simple. Enjoy the color play as you watch this pattern unfold.
Yarn: Tosh merino - 1 skein each of cloud dweller and spectrum

The true colours of True Colors in day light.

Pom poms are a great addition to a knit hat. We have a limited supply of faux fur pom poms in the store. An order should be arriving on Thursday with more. I placed another large order today and received an email from the supplier that they have a limited amount in stock and then won't be receiving any more until the end of December. Don't be disappointed. Get them while we have them.

I just talked to my parents and they are leaving Myrtle Beach in the morning and will be home tomorrow night. I should have the Cocoknits accessories in the store some time on Thursday.

The new Lykke Interchangeable sets should be arriving in the US later this week or early next week. I'm predicting that we will see them in the store around December 13. This is just a guess and I hope that it will be sooner.

I went through my list of people who have preordered the kits. After they get theirs it looks like we will have 6 each of the Indigo and Umber kits available.
I always love visiting Trish. My hair is no longer grey and it is much shorter. I'm ready to go away on Friday. I even managed to knit a few rows at the salon. Now it's time to do some laundry so I have clothes for Vegas.

It looks like we are going to have nice weather.

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