Monday, November 06, 2017

Elder Tree

Are you new to shawls? Do you want to knit a shawl but don't want to work with fingering weight yarn on 3.5mm needles? Take a look at the Elder Tree Shawl (pattern purchased on Ravelry).

Hey, that looks exactly like The Lonely Tree Shawl pattern 
Yep, pretty much exactly! The only difference with this one is that it’s got a much more intuitive chart, that can be repeated forever (or until you run out of yarn). This version can be more easily modified to make a huge shawl, out of any weight yarn that you choose! Oh, and the leaves along the spine and sides of the shawl are symmetrical, which is different than the original Lonely Tree. 
The original Lonely Tree Shawl was charted, and it wasn’t very easily modifyable to make it larger - which is why the Elder Tree was made! Have a couple balls of lace weight yarn that you want to use up? Like The Lonely Tree Shawl? Well, The Elder Tree Shawl is here to help 
The Elder Tree Shawl is another lovely Fall weather leaves shawl knit in a worsted weight yarn. A perfect edition to any autumn wardrobe. It’s a simple lace knit that would be good for intermediate level knitters who are comfortable with knitting, purling, and working yarn overs.
Yarn: Mrs. Crosby Steamer Trunk. We used 5 skeins on 5.5mm needles.

The pattern is easy to adjust if you want to make it smaller. The stitches are easy as well. Knit. Purl. Make 1. Yarn over. Pass slipped stitch over. That's it. And the wrong side rows are relaxing. K2, purl to the last 2, k2.

I have knit many garments in Steamer Trunk and really like the yarn. Once it has been blocked it feels like cotton. And it is machine washable so it's great for kids.

I spent a bit of time on Ravelry today. The yarn from Fuse Fiber Studio should be arriving on Wednesday but I have a feeling we won't see it until Thursday. I hope it's on the early UPS truck which means we have it around noon. Otherwise we'll see it late in the afternoon. What am I going to knit? Find Your Fade is always an option. Bambara is a good contender. I'm also thinking about Kimba.

You can't go wrong with a pattern from Ambah.
Grab some yarns that light your imagination on fire and play with colour in Kimba Shawl. Anything goes in this fun project – speckles or semi-solids, a gradient or a fade, wild contrasts or classic neutrals. The shawl starts with a garter body shaped with short rows to form a crescent shape. The dramatic flames of lace that form the border are worked in four colours, making for engrossing knitting as you race to the next stripe. Choose from the small, still generous, size or knit the large for a piece that can be wrapped and worn in a variety of ways.
Now I need to get working on Veronika. I want it finished by the end of the month which won't be a problem. It's a pretty quick knit. The problem is that new yarn is arriving and I'm going to have to try it out. If it isn't good I can't sell it :)

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