Sunday, May 29, 2016


The puppies turned one month old today. We get to meet them in a couple of weeks.

I finished. I want to say it was done last night but I was so tired I had to go to bed. This morning I knit the last 6 grey rows and cast off. I couldn't deal with the ends today so..
I've been working away on this shawl all afternoon. I think that I might have it finished in time for TNNA. The big problem - there are a lot of ends on this shawl too. :(


Anne said...

Oh my, puppies! Nice shawls too :)

Candice said...

Are you getting a puppy?!

Julie said...

Candice - my parents are getting a puppy.

Sally said...

Take the little one with the moustache on the right in picture one.
And those aren't ends. Its a fringe.

Kim said...

Really enjoying your blog! I am wondering what yarn and colour did you use for the garter sections of your Lamina Wrap?

Julie said...

Hi Kim
We carry full skeins of Frabjous Fibers Cheshire Cat.

I used Too Much Pepper for the garter stitch sections.

Kim said...

Thank you Julie. Just to confirm, if I wanted to do something similar to your Lamina (well, okay, exactly the same), I would need two sets of the Frabjous Fibers mini skeins (fingering weight) and one full skein of FF Cheshire Cat?

Julie said...

Hi Kim
If you follow the pattern for Lamina then you need 2 kits and one skein. I made mine a bit bigger. There was enough yarn in the kits to make the shawl longer. It is only supposed to be 26 lace panels. Mine is 40. If you use each colour for 3 sections then one skein of solid is enough. I did 4 sections of each colour and just barely went into the second skein.

Hope this helps.