Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Home Again

I'm home and ready for bed. It was an uneventful but long day. The flight was good. No questions at customs. The drive home was fast.

My suitcase was a bit heavier. There are some new shoes. I bought these really, really comfy Uggs. Actually, I bought two pairs. One in orange and one in a medium blue called Skyline.

I was clicking pictures as we were taxiing out and then after take off. If you haven't been to Vegas then you might not realize that it is surrounded by mountains.

I did quite a bit of knitting on the plane but didn't get a picture before I came upstairs. I'll get some tomorrow. I don't want to go down and wake Beth and the dogs.

Tomorrow morning there is work happening at my house at 7:30am. We have a gravel driveway right now but will be doing a cool concrete driveway after the sidewalks are put in. That is supposed to be happening sometime this summer. My dad is having our driveway dug out and tamped down properly so we aren't working around the sidewalks later. It all sounds good except for the 7:30.

Now to watch the last few minutes of the Raptors game and then sleep.

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