Monday, May 23, 2016

Happy Victoria Day

A holiday weekend means lots of knitting. I'm almost finished. Three more sections of this purple and then four sections of a different purple.
Beth cast of her latest scarf before heading to the golf course this morning
Yarn: Zauberball Crazy - 2 balls of 2 different colours
Needles: 3.25mm, 40cm

This scarf is 80 stitches. It is knit in the round so you only have right sides to the scarf. No checking and rechecking to make sure the good side is showing. Knit 2 rows of colour A, then 2 rows of colour B. Continue until out of yarn. Beth is really enjoying her mindless knitting and has another scarf cast on.

My flowers on the front porch are blooming nicely. This week Beth and I are heading to the garden center for planters for the deck. We thought about going this morning but I was afraid that Terra would be jammed.

The bad thing about a long weekend - fireworks. Poor Melo has had a bad few evenings and there will be more tonight. He shakes and shakes. We can't get him settled until after they stop. Hopefully with school tomorrow they won't go too late.

My plan was to write last night but he needed my attention. I sat on the couch and he had his head in my lap. It didn't stop the shaking but it did stop the pacing. He does laps around the house.

Now to get a few more rows knit before it's dark.

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