Thursday, January 03, 2013

Spring Rowan

It's not here yet but I have been given the okay to share some pictures with you. I'm going to spread these out over the next week or so. There are lots of pictures to share.
All Season Chunky
60% Cotton
40% Acrylic
85m on a 100gram ball
I love this sweater!!

One colour, easy to knit garments from Martin Storey in Cotton Glace.

Magazine 53
is full of great Spring and Summer designs to make and

wear in 2013.
There are three design stories – Glorious, Ikon and Essentials – with over 35 designs featured in the publication.
Designers include Rowan’s Head of Design, Marie Wallin, plus noted designers Josh Bennett, Amanda Crawford, Sarah Dallas, Kaffe Fassett, Julia Frank, Ruth Green, Sarah Hatton, Brandon Mably, Lisa Richardson and Martin Storey. Rowan also features two new designers -- Galina Carroll and Vibe Ulrik. 
glorious was shot on location in the islands off of Greece and features delicate floral designs in intarsia, embellishments and lace motifs. The clear daylight of the Aegean seacoast reflects the neutral and softer shades in the designs. 
ikon presents a colorful collection of modern, sophisticated designs, inspired by pixillated digital patterning and bold graphics. Rowan’s designers break the color barrier and give us some eye-popping designs for men and women in bright shades of blue, green, violet and pink, with contrasting neutrals.
essentials are updates of classic shapes in Spring and Summer sweaters. Choose  from  lace, stripes, diagonal knitting, dropped stitches and more. The color palette here reflects subtle pastels and summer shades of earth- tones. 
Corfu by Kaffe Fassett
Knit in Purelife Revive, Wool Cotton and Wool Cotton 4ply

Knit in fine lace
Designed by Vibe Ulrik

Just thirteen sleeps until the books and new yarns are released.

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