Monday, January 07, 2013

Out of Hiding

Over the weekend Lorna's Laces announced that they have a new yarn coming out at the end of the month. I can't share the picture here yet but you can see it on our facebook page. It is 100% Blue Faced Leister. Single ply. 100gram skein. Worsted weight. 196m (215 yards). It looks YUMMY!! I have the yarn on order and it could be here in 6-8 weeks.

Then it hit me that we have a great yarn from Lorna's Laces that is hidden in the store. I pulled it all out and the two projects we have knit in the yarn.

Lion and Lamb
187m (205 yards) on a 100gram skein
Worsted/Aran weight
50% silk
50% wool

You might recognize this pattern. Clapotis. A free pattern from

If you are making a wide shawl then it takes 4 skeins but you can easily make it narrower and use 2 skeins for a scarf.

When you first look at the pattern it seems confusing and hard. Once you get going it becomes mindless. There are only a couple of rows that you really need to pay attention on.

Springtime Bandit - a free pattern on Ravelry
2 skeins of Lion and Lamb
5mm needles

I'm going back in time to remember the pattern (I knit it two years ago) but from what I recall it was very straight forward. A project that someone new to lace can handle.

Another pattern suggestion is 198 yds. of Heaven.

Then I heard from Lorna's Laces that we could order a special colour.

Christmas at Downton. Yes, that Downton that many of you are watching. Fingers crossed they will have some ready to ship to us next week. I have it ordered in Sock, Solemate, Lace and the new Haymarket.

I almost made it through Section 2 last night-6 rows to go. I thought that I would get it done today but work got in the way. :) Maybe tonight while watching football.

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