Thursday, January 10, 2013

Section Three is Done

I got to work a bit early this morning. 8:30. I was awake so I decided to get the day going. I've done some paperwork (orders have been emailed to madelinetosh and Rowan) and then cast off section three.

When you see the colours side by side you don't think there is much difference in some of them but knit up there is a big difference. If you haven't been following, I'm knitting All the Shades of Truth by Laura Aylor in Fifty Shades of Grey Shepherd Sock from Lorna's Laces.
My knitting is sitting beside me and when I'm done writing I will pick up section four.

Sticking with the easy, you still have time to knit and wear this winter theme, here is a cowl from Classic Elite. It is a free pattern-they send out newsletters once a week with free patterns. Sign up on

Chainette yarns are well-deserving of their popularity...the construction simultaneously provides strength and lightness. Add a luxury fiber blend of baby alpaca and bamboo to that inherent lightness and you have Chalet, a decadently soft yarn with a lovely drape in a chunky weight from our MountainTop Collection of yarns spun from natural, undyed fibers. Chalet looks great knit at a wide variety of gauges and textures.
Chalet Coors Cowl

I just sent yarn off to Lynda and she is knitting a sample for the store.

There are five boxes in transit from madelinetosh. I keep checking online and they are sitting in Chicago. Hopefully we will see them next week.



merino light

-amber trinket
-well water
-black velvet
-persian rose
-blue gingham
-ruby slippers
-silver fox
-antique lace

merino dk

-well water
-william morris
-wilted rose


-mourning dove
-magnolia leaf



I don't think that I should hit Publish yet because I am sure things will come up during the day that I should add. Do I or don't I?? I'm going to do it. If I don't I will keep writing during the day and this way I know the post is done and I can knit. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
Will you let us know on the blog when the Madeline tosh comes in? I have another gift to buy :)