Friday, January 04, 2013


The new books and yarns from Berroco arrived yesterday. I can't get the pictures online yet so I laid out the books and snapped some pictures. I know that I could have scanned them in but I was late for my appointment with the eye doctor this morning.

One of the new yarns is called Karma
The sleeves are very long on this sweater which makes me think of Sarah. Her and I have the opposite problem. My sleeves are always too long and hers are always too short. She has to add a few inches to everything she knits. This sweater will be perfect for her.

100% cotton
60m on a 100gram skein
knit on 8mm needles

When I got to work this morning, Mr. Canada Post had left a present at the door for me. New books.

The Shetland Trader-Book One is a collection of 10 patterns inspired by the Shetland Islands from designer Gudrun Johnston with photography by Jared Flood. This collection includes a range of projects all featuring some aspect of traditional Shetland Lace
Then some leaflets
The Flukra Shawl from The Shetland Trader
This shawl begins with a Shetland construction method to create the center triangle. Stitches are then easily picked up from the yarn over loops that are formed down two sides and the border is worked outwards from the triangle. The shawl is finished with an edging that is knitted sideways and attached to the live sts of the border as it is being worked. Lace is worked on both sides of the knitting, however there is no right or wrong side to the knitting.
Orchid Thief by Ysolda
Three petals bloom from the centre top edge, their points organically growing into the three spines of yarn over increases. This unusual increase pattern creates the perfect shape for staying in place around your shoulders. The petals along the edge are grouped into threes, echoing the centre and forming deep scallops.  Orchid Thief was originally published in Brave New Knits by Julie Turjoman.
Later in the day Mr. UPS stopped by with a huge box from Dream in Color. The Tulip Baby kits are here.
There are kits for girls and then boys/unisex kits. It is knit from the top down-no sewing-on 4.5mm needles. It is 100% machine washable wool, hand dyed in the US.

More colours of Everlasting Socks were in the box as well.

And a few more Rowan pictures for you. These won't be here before January 15 but you can start dreaming.
Softknit is a new yarn coming. We haven't ordered the yarn yet because all the patterns can be knit in Handknit Cotton which we carry in every colour.
Martin Storey does amazing cable work!!!

I think that I need this one!

I didn't get any knitting done today so it's time to sign off. I'm almost done the centre section of Fifty One Shades of Truth. There are about 30 rows to go. College football is on and if that starts to bore me then I will watch more of The Mentalist. I'm hooked!!

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Samantha said...

The new season sure is bringing out a lot of stunning knits! I love the long sleeved purple Karma sweater. It looks so comfy. It seems the long sleeves of the 1990's are coming back into fashion -- I've seen them other places as well. Orchid Thief is simply gorgeous. In 2013 I need to start knitting more lace!