Thursday, February 18, 2021


Lynn has been busy knitting with Striped Turtle Toes. Her sock looks awesome. She said that the yarn is very nice to knit with. This colour is What Does it Mean and we still have a few skeins left.

Lynn used that Afterthought Heel that Andrea Mowry uses. She did some funky work to make the colours work on her heels. She explained it to me but I didn’t take notes. I will ask her to write it out.

This is the Temperance Shawl (pattern free on Ravelry). It is knit in Malabrigo Sock and Malabrigo is going to start a KAL on April 1 for the shawl.

We have 22 colours of Malabrigo Sock coming in the next few weeks. 
These are the colours used for the shawl. They are brand new and we have lots coming in our boxes.

You can read more about the KAL on Malabrigo’s blog.
Here are a few of the colours that are coming. I went through the colours and tried to choose ones that will make great sets for the shawls.

This is a colour suggestion from Malabrigo and all three colours are coming. Once the yarn is in the store I will make up kits.

A really big box came this morning from Biches & Buches. Le Petit Lambswool and Le Petit Silk & Mohair have been added to the website. There was one more yarn in the box. Three colours of Le Cashmere and Lambswool. Off White, Light Grey and Dark Grey. The yarn feels so good. I will get them online tomorrow. 

the biches & bĂ»ches cashmere & lambswool : take our le petit lambswool, and add even more softness and warmth that is called cashmere and you get this squishy delight of a blending. all our colors have a degree of tweed in them, giving always a touch of variation and sometimes even small exciting speckles !

le cashmere & lambswool is the same weight as our petit lambswool so all patterns using le petit lambswool can be used with this yarn quality.


Jane said...

Lovely shawl pattern!
Gorgeous sock knitting Lynn!

Lois Evensen said...

The socks are beautiful and look so comfy. Yes, sometimes it takes some real trickery to get colors to go (and stay) where you want them to be! Nicely done.