Sunday, February 14, 2021

Starting Again

Cheryl Faust has a new pattern called Promises in the Dark (purchased on Ravelry).

My original vision / inspiration for this design was architectural steel framework. However, when I began charting a few pattern repeats, that geometrical framework I had envisioned suddenly appeared to be a big bouquet of flowers! Needless to say, I immediately fell 
head over heels in LOVE with this design! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Promises in the Dark is a triangular shaped shawl, knit from the top edge, down. The pattern is created using the mosaic knitting technique, using just one color per row.

Knitting with Spincycle is always such a treat! The mosaic patterning of “Promises in the Dark” highlights the slow and dramatic color transitions of Dream State beautifully.

Photos © Cheryl Faust
Take a look at the finished shawls on Ravelry. They are gorgeous!

My Spark/Spice Cardigan finally had a soak in Soak this afternoon. The stitch holders are for the stitches under my arms. The circular needle is holding the neck stitches. I wanted to block it before picking up the neck band. 

Our masks were washed in Soak today as well. 

I came to the realization last night that I didn’t like the shawl that I started. I’ve ripped it out and am thinking of a different way to use the colours. Now I know how a designer feels when they think they have a great idea in their head but it doesn’t translate when they start knitting.

When I cast on the other day my needles were in a mess. Today I put them in a bowl of boiling water to straighten them. This is a little trick if you have metal needles. Please don’t put your wooden needles in water. You can put the cords in no problem.

It looks like we might get some snow tomorrow into Tuesday. If you are picking up on Tuesday please call before you come. The weather might not be bad where you are but it could be bad in Ancaster. We had that on Saturday. Customers called from Mississauga and we told them it was coming down hard at the store. They said they were coming anyways and then called that they were turning around. Customers couldn’t make it up our driveway with all the snow we had. Then when I got home we had hardly anything and I live 15 minutes from the store.

Now a bit of TV. We started watching The Equalizer with Queen Latifah. I would recommend the show after watching the first episode.

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