Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Snow Day

I finally found some time to work on the website. Here are five new colours of tosh twist light.

Twist Light is a soft-yet-durable sock-weight superwash merino and nylon blend. With a generous 420 yards per skein, one skein is more than enough yardage to complete a pair of socks and two skeins can complete a full-sized lace project! Each incredibly soft skein is hand-dyed in small dye lots. 

From the top

  • Grasshopper
  • Joshua Tree
  • Rose
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Eleven Dark
I put together a few combinations for Ambah’s Caladenia shawl MKAL.
The top photo uses Joshua Tree, Dirty Harry, Elizabeth Taylor and Eleven Dark. Below I took out Joshua Tree and put in Grasshopper. I can’t share the photo with you but I know what the finished shawl looks like. If you have a speckled colour it needs to contrast with two of the colours. The darkest colour is the bottom border.

For this combination I used Rose, Grasshopper, Elizabeth Taylor and Eleven Dark. You can do the shawl without a speckled yarn. Just make sure that there is a contrast.
Tiena finished her Sparks Socks. She used Tough Love Sock Glacier with Crazy 2170.
Just wanted to show my finished socks. As you can tell I changed up the heel on the socks. Afterthought heels just don’t fit my foot. I also knit from the toe up, that’s my preferred method. 
I’m really pleased with the finished socks. Thanks for the great colour pairing!

Here are some pairings for Sparks using new colours of twist light. Elizabeth Taylor with Crazy 2136.
Rose with 1699.
Eleven Dark with 2254.

Rose with 2254.

I should have checked my phone before I left the store. I took more pictures but they weren’t blog worthy.

I received many phone calls today about in store shopping. We are not opening the store up at this time. We are going to continue with mail order and curbside pick up like we have been doing since March. We can bring colours outside for you to see now which we haven’t been able to do for the past few months. Please call ahead so that we can agree on a time. This also lets us get the skeins ready. We do ask that you be reasonable - let’s keep it to single digits 😀

I made it to the store late this morning but only because I had Beth’s truck. Our driveway at the store wasn’t plowed yet so it was a mess. You can see how much snow they moved when they came.

When I got home this afternoon the road at our house hasn’t been plowed yet. I could barely get the truck back in the driveway. The joys of living in the country. 

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