Sunday, February 07, 2021

Sharpening my Scissors

I finished the knitting on my Spark/Spice Cardi this afternoon.  

I wasn’t up to blocking this afternoon so I put it aside and pulled out another project.

This is my Throwback. The body is finished and I’m half way through the first sleeve. This is my second Throwback. This time I’m knitting in the round and will cut the front open. There is going to be a lot of cutting soon. I will make sure to take pictures.

I have steeked a few cardigans. The first time I did it we lived above the store. East Side Marios was down the street. We went down and had a drink and then I came home and cut. A bit of courage.
Sarah and Lynn in their Throwbacks.
We’re eating early so we’re ready for the game. I hope it’s a close game but I have a feeling it could be a blow out. Lots of time for knitting 🧶 

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