Saturday, February 13, 2021


After all the snow we had in Ancaster today I wanted something summery to share. These amazing designs are by Lisa Richardson and will be in the Rowan magazine called Ease. 

This sweater is called Chard and is knit in Creative Linen. I like a lot of the designs in the magazine but there is something about this one that is calling my name. It will look great in the summer and it will look great in the winter with a blouse or long sleeved shirt under it.

We heard today that the release date for spring Rowan has been pushed back to March 15th. It’s beyond our control so we need to roll with it.
Lynn is knitting a pair of socks with Striped Turtle Toes.
Here is my sock so far.....I really like the wool.
I am using Andrea Mowry's afterthought heel from our spark sock
I like how the colours are striping. This colour is What Does it Mean and we have a few left.

We’re watching the end of the Leafs game and I’m going to knit a few rows before bed. I’m trying hard to make it to the next colours so that you can see my plan.

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