Monday, December 28, 2020

Who are the ladies with Wannietta?

My friend and I went out for pictures after work.

I was able to knit quite a bit yesterday. I will be starting the second skein of merino light and the fifth Minikin tonight. So far one ball blends into the next really well.

Shirley sent an email with two shawls that she just finished. The shawls are gorgeous! 

From Shirley 

Here are pictures of a couple of shawls I’ve completed.  Find Your Fade is knit from your kit in Rockshelter Sock.  For Only Good Vibes I used HHF Alpaca Boucle in Comeback with Tosh Merino Light in Star Scatter Solid.

There was enough of the Rockshelter left over to make a Free Your Fade’s almost done.....lovely yarn to work with!

Thanks for sharing Shirley. Diana is coming by the store tomorrow with a shawl she knit for me. I think that Only Good Vibes could be her next project.

Mr. Canada Post’s truck is going to be full tomorrow. And these aren’t all of them. There is still time to take advantage of our Boxing Week special. If you made a purchase I will start sending gift cards tomorrow. I was going to start tonight but I was up at 6:30 to get to the store early. I would have been okay except for a silly dream. 

We were doing a knitting show and loading the truck to set up the morning of the show (we always set up the night before). Wannietta was going to set up the booth with two ladies that I didn’t know. I decided before loading the truck that we were going to change the kits that were going to be in the booth. Wannietta was going to make the new kits while they were driving to the show. I was fretting about getting set up in time. How much yarn do I send? What display pieces? Will everything fit into the truck? Who are the ladies with Wannietta? Then I remembered that I had been to the show the year before and it wasn’t a good show so we weren’t going to set up a booth. I woke up at this point of the dream. Then I couldn’t get back to sleep because I was still fretting. 
We added a new yarn to our Boxing Week Sale. Vintage Tweed from Primrose. This is a hand dyed dk weight yarn tweed yarn. I have knit with this and it is gorgeous.
We knit Joji’s Hipster (pattern purchased on Ravelry) with 3 skeins of Vintage DK.

Now a few rows of knitting while watching the start of the football game. Beth and I are in the finals of our Fantasy Football League. Right now we are winning but it’s close. 

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