Monday, December 07, 2020

Socks and more

Jennifer finished her Sparks. They look so cozy!! Jennifer used a skein of Hedgehog Twist Sock and a ball of Crazy. 
I am not the best at colourwork but I pushed through and ended up really enjoying it.  Thanks for the inspiration, I wouldn't have tried it otherwise!

Thanks for sharing Jennifer - now I need to finish mine. 

We are out of the Hedgehog Twist Sock in Kelp but have some in Hedgehog Sock. The Crazy is 2404 Deep Water.

I have kits for the socks as well.

We have a new sock yarn from Opal. This is new for us - it is a dk weight so you will be knitting on bigger needles and will have thicker socks.

My supplier is already sold out of this collection so don’t wait. Get yours today

Here are some sock patterns that are a dk thickness - it is not the same sock pattern as many of you use.

These socks remind me of my Dad, coming home from work as a heavy-duty mechanic out in logging camps. His big baby-blue Ford pickup rumbled up the driveway, and my mom, my sister and I ran outside, so excited to welcome him home.

You can purchase the sock pattern from Tin Can Knits.

You can purchase this pattern from Churchmouse Yarns.

There are 2 Opal collections in fingering weight (the thickness that we are used to).

Wanderlust - the out of stock colours are in a box that should be delivered this week.

Goodnight Stories - again the out of stock colours are on their way.

There are new colours of Freia Minikins on the way to us.

Two Minikins will make the Mismitts Fingerless Gloves (pattern purchased on Ravelry).

Gloves are written for a left and right handed version. For the left mitt MC is the background and CC is for the overlay stitches. For the right mitt, the MC and CC are reversed, so your new MC is the CC from the first mitt.
The Lykke needles arrived today.

Don’t forget that Laine Magazine Winter 2020 Issue 10 will be available on Friday. The box has arrived but I haven’t opened it yet. It’ll be like Christmas on Friday morning. I will get it on the website tomorrow so that you can order and I will ship on Friday (or you can pick it up on Friday).

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