Tuesday, December 22, 2020


I made it to the third Minikin. Now I need/want to get to them purple to see how the colours look. 

Susan finished her socks. I love the colours. The main colour is Hedgehog Kelp and the contrast is Crazy 2404. Susan’s socks would look great with my shawl 😘

Here are my Sparks.  The first one I knit was a bit short so the made the second one longer. Really enjoyed knitting these. 

There’s a bit of laddering even though I used the magic loop, so I need some practice. 

I think I’m hooked on socks now!

Susan mention laddering. Here is a definition from Dummies.com.
A ladder is a column of extended running threads that are surrounded on either side by normal stitches. They resemble the rungs of a ladder, hence the name. Laddering can happen in circular knitting in the area between the last stitch of one needle and the first stitch of the next. A ladder may be barely noticeable, or it may be so wide that it looks like a column of dropped stitches — neither of which is attractive or desirable.
My trick for laddering is to rotate your stitches every few rows. I can’t come up with the words to explain this tonight. Earlier today I wrote a newsletter (going out tomorrow) plus I had to write about the store for Rowan’s new website (coming in February). I don’t have words left.
A popular remedy for laddering is to move the first few stitches on each needle to the previous needle after working every few rounds. This moves the location where the needles meet, thus moving the location of the ladder. This method doesn’t actually eliminate the ladder; it just staggers it so it is no longer vertical. However, it does make the laddering slightly less noticeable.
This is also from Dummies.com. It’s exactly what I wanted to say.

Now a few rows of knitting before bed. 

They love each other and they love to wrestle. Boscoe walks by and Lucy whines. Boscoe comes over and growls and it’s on.

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Meredith MC said...

I love the shawl. Your dogs are too cute!