Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Fleegle Heel???

Andrea Mowry has a new sock pattern.

These are the socks I cast on again and again. Simple enough for an adventurous first time sock knitter, and available in 11 sizes so that you can make a pair for each member of your family and all of your friends! The ribbing helps to create a perfect fit and you can keep it interesting by adding in contrasting toes, heels, color blocks or stripes. (Which makes them great stash-busters!)

You can purchase the pattern on Andrea’s website.

Photos © Andrea Mowry

You never know, I might make another pair of socks. Beth is getting the Sparks Socks for Christmas. She tried on the first one last night and exclaimed ‘these would be great on to wear on Sunday when I’m at home and the floor is cold’. 

Andrea uses the Turkish Cast on for her socks. Here is her video.

And another video. Somehow I watched this video instead of Andrea’s. Both are good and sometimes it is best to watch more than one video. You will get tips from each. Andrea uses magic loop and the second video uses Flexi Flips.
The videos explain the Turkish Cast On really well. It looks easy but I’m not sure I should say that until I try it.

Andrea does something called a Fleegle Heel. Huh? The Fleegle Heel is worked with short rows. I am learning a lot of new techniques. I watched the video on this website.

We have new Opal collections coming early next week. 

From 2.25mm needles to 10mm needles.

If you are looking for a quick hat pattern, Blue Sky Fibers just published the Hibbing Hat and Scarf. They use Blue Sky Bulky. You can also use Rowan Big Wool or Malabrigo Rasta. 

We received new shawl cuffs from Knox Mountain this morning. I should get them on the website tomorrow afternoon. 

The fireplace is going and my needles are calling.


Mo said...

The designer of the fleegle heel had an awesome blog.
This is her original post on her fleegle heel:


Lois Evensen said...

Love the socks! It's cold here on the South Coast of Ohio, too. I'm wearing warm socks and a mobius scarf all day in the house. It's amazing how I feel warmer all over by having my feet and neck extra warm. The videos are great, too. Thanks for posting them.