Saturday, December 26, 2020

Boxing Day

It’s always a good day when Stephen West releases a new pattern.

This graphic shawl is knit sideways from the small corner to the wide edge. I-cord edges frame the shape as you increase and decrease with slip stitches. The pattern repeat is easy to memorize once you start knitting and you can make it as big as you want. Three contrast colors are anchored by one main color as you paint with yarn.

This is from his Hiberknitalong2020 Collection. You can purchase the pattern on his website. When you purchase the pattern you will actually get two shawl patterns and a hat pattern.

Photos © Stephen West.

You need 4 skeins of fingering weight yarn to make this shawl.

I quickly read over the pattern. Stephen patterns are well written and easy to follow. For this you need to know how to knit, purl, slip stitches, make 1, ssk, knit 2 together and pick up stitches. 

This is the other shawl pattern that you get with your purchase.

This semi-circular shawl features four skeins of yarn, one skein of the main color with three accent colors. The top-down construction begins with garter stitch and slip stitch rays. You only work with one color at a time for an enjoyable and surprisingly simple process. Little slip stitch dots and bubbles frame the larger sections and a colorful honeycomb section fills the middle of the shawl. Finish the edge with a wavy border using all contrast colors and enjoy your new Westknits shawl!

Photos © Stephen West

I spent a few hours in the store today packing orders. If you placed a curbside pick up order before 12:30 today you should have received an email about picking up starting Monday at noon. We will get working on the rest of the pick up orders on Monday morning. I packed a lot of boxes and we will finish those Monday afternoon. Canada Post will be picking up again on Tuesday.

We missed Christmas with the family but I didn’t miss the Boxing Day clean up. Here are some pictures of Christmas past.

We didn’t put up the tree this year. It’s a day to put it up and decorate the house and then a day to put everything away. We will go all out next year.

He is the other reason for no tree this year. Those decorations would be a lot of fun to play with. 

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Meredith MC said...

Love the furry doggie belly. Those shawls are gorgeous!