Tuesday, December 08, 2020

A Day of Andrea

Mr. Canada Post left a box from Lynda this morning. She finished my Honey Moss and it is stunning! The shawl is knit with Universal Deluxe Worsted Tweed Superwash. Lynda used 4 balls with just a little left over - it was cutting it close. The pattern calls for 5 balls.

You can purchase the pattern on Andrea’s website.

During Fall & Winter, I adore wrapping up in my biggest, squishiest shawls. The Honey Moss shawl combines squishy worsted weight wool with big honeycomb cables that transition into a magnified Horseshoe lace. Once finished it begs to be wrapped up in!

Here is another great pair of Sparks socks. Doreen emailed me a picture this morning. She used Kit #2.

Here are my sparks.  I don't knit a lot of socks but this looked like fun so gave it a try,  Was surprised how fast they knit up.  They look like two different socks from the same ball of yarn.   Looks great!  Two firsts for me on this project.  The afterthought heel which I found very easy to do and I have never blocked socks before.  I can see blocking makes a big difference.  I am wrapping this up for Christmas.

Someone is very luck at Doreen’s house. 

Andrea has a new pattern today. You can purchase the pattern for Pink Fizz on her website.

Pink fizz combines a mohair halo with beautiful lace and a relaxed fit that leaves you feeling a little bit glamorous and totally cozy!

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Photos © Andrea Mowry.

Knit from the bottom up and seamlessly except for the underarms, this sweater showcases a drop shoulder style with positive ease in the body and slim sleeves. The lace pattern makes this sweater more advanced, please see below for a list of techniques used in this pattern.

You have many yarn options for this sweater. Looking for pink? Take a look at Biches & Buches. Hold a strand of Le Petit Lambswool with Le Petit Silk & Mohair.

You can use any fingering weight yarn with a silk/mohair. Your possibilities are endless.

Now I am pulling out a sweater that needs to be finished. There is yarn in my bag to knit Honey Moss but I’m trying to talk myself into finishing another project. It will work for tonight but I don’t think it will work tomorrow. 😘

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