Saturday, October 10, 2020

The Zoo

Lynn loves using Hedgehog Twist Sock. It has a tighter twist which makes it a better wearing sock yarn. It is a combination of 80% Blue Faced Leicester wool and 20% Nylon. The yarn is machine washable but you should lay it out to dry. 

This colour is Potion.

This is Orion. Both came in the shipment that I unpacked yesterday.
Here is a better shot of Artichoke. You can see all the colours in the skein.
This is Matchstick. Another new colour.
How about a pile of Potion? What a rich fun colour. It is screaming fall.

I was able to make up one Find Your Fade kit in Andrea’s original colours. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

Photos © Andrea Mowry
Starting at a single point and growing, shifting and fading into a piece that begs to be wrapped up in. This asymmetrical triangle shawl uses some clever increasing and decreasing, combined with relaxing garter stitch and simple lace so that you have a fun-to-knit canvas to play with mixing colors on! This shawl is all about making it your own. Let your creativity shine!! 
Get creative - this is YOUR shawl! 

Pretend Trip 

It’s time for a trip. (This is a pretend trip. I don’t like going to the grocery store - I’m not getting on an airplane). After watching the baseball playoffs from San Diego, Beth and I decided it was time to visit.

We had great weather and the flight was smooth. I didn’t knit on the plane. I used my time to redesign our newsletter. Did you read the newsletter that went out yesterday? Beth proofreads it before I send it and she wanted bigger pictures. The template that I played with has really big pictures. They could be too big now.😂

Beth has the day planned for tomorrow. We are going to the zoo. Beth has downloaded the zoo app and our route is ready.

My first trip to San Diego was in 2004 and I went with two yarn shop owners from Toronto. We planned for a day of shopping before TNNA but I suggested the zoo. They both said no. Normally I go with the flow but I was insistent and they both finally agreed. At the end of the day they both thanked me. It was so much better than being in the mall.

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Jane said...

Loved that zoo when I visited, many years ago. Compact and lots of shade. Lots of animals and sittings spots along the way!