Tuesday, October 27, 2020


The Mindful Collection is new from Knitter’s Pride.

With respect to our customer's knowledge and devotion to the craft, we decided to create a new collection that met their creative needs and encouraged them in the practice of mindfulness.

We chose the color Teal because of its soothing blue-green tone and its undertones of grey and jade. These are colors of tranquility and renewal, and they blend well with a variety of other shades.

The circular figure visible on the Mindful Collection is an ancient symbol, representing the universe and ongoing life. Often seen in yoga or meditation circles, it represents the search for completeness and unity.

We are waiting for the needles to arrive. Hopefully in time for Christmas.

The new Knitter’s Pride cords have arrived.
The Mindful Collection Swivel Cords work with all types of Knitter's Pride needles. They are stainless steel cores coated with nylon so they have zero memory. That means no kinks or twists while allowing your stitches to slide easily. They are also marked at one inch intervals so you'll never have to worry about forgetting your tape measure! Mindfully brilliant is what we call them. 

Please Note: Size listed is the size the cord makes with needle tips attached. The 360 degree swivel means your cables will not twist while knitting.
Lynn is using the Swivel Cords right now with her Zing Interchangeable set. She is in love. She has one size and the others are on her Christmas list.

We also have the cords fixed so they won’t swivel but Lynn suggests you try the swivel.

We have new Knit Blockers as well.

Easy to use, the Knit Blockers speed up the blocking process in an ingenious way.

The mesmerizing gradient effect of shades of Teal color helps in blocking unusual shapes.

The charming floral design on each blocker complements the rest of the collection.

Sturdy, rust resistant stainless steel pins anchor knitting for easy blocking.

Color coordinated and packaged in their own teal colored case.

No yarn arrived today but we did get a skid of shipping boxes.
If you live in Southern Ontario and need boxes (or any shipping supplies) I suggest you visit Whitebird.ca. I ordered boxes yesterday afternoon and they were delivered this morning. They are always on time, polite and the order is always correct.

My knitting is growing. I tried the sweater on last night and love the fit. Tonight I am starting the ribbing. 

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