Sunday, October 18, 2020

Stitch Stoppers

 There was quite a bit of knitting last night (baseball game) and today (football).

It was time to switch to longer needles so I put my work on a mannequin and took my friend outside. 

If you missed my posts last week about the sweater, it is called Skylights and you can purchase the pattern on Tanis’ website. I am using Noro Akari and Biches & Buches Le Petit Silk & Mohair. (Side note - we will have brand new colours of Le Petit Silk & Mohair next week).

There was knitting after the picture and I have two rows to work before dividing the sleeves from the body. The pattern asks you to put the stitches on a holder. I put the stitches on a spare circular needle. I am knitting on a 7mm needle so I put the stitches on a 5mm-7mm needle, 60cm-80cm in length. This way I don’t have to thread the stitches on a holder and then put them back on a needle when it’s time to knit the sleeves.
Don’t forget Stitch Stoppers. I forgot them once and all my circular needle fell out of my sleeve stitches. I won’t make that mistake again.

From Julie at Cocoknits
I have never been a fan of knitting needle tip protectors – how many times have you found that the force of the stitches on your needle have popped the guard off the end, or they simply fall off from the friction of being carried in a bag? I wanted a soft flexible something that would actually slide onto my needle and keep the stitches from sliding off. At first, I used earplugs with a hole poked in them – they would go onto the needle and do the trick, but they only come in ear sizes. So I had cylinders made of durable, EVA foam in a variety of sizes with an opening in the middle that accommodate everything from size 0 (or the cord of an interchangeable needle set) to a US 15. Problem solved!

Colorful Stitch Stoppers slide all the way on to your needles (not just the tip) to hold stitches. Use them to turn any double-point or circular needle into a stitch holder.

Slide the Stitch Stoppers onto circular needles or interchangeable needle cords to keep stitches secure while you are trying on your top-down knitted garments.

Accommodate needle sizes US 0–15 (2–10 mm). 4 each of 6 sizes; 24 pieces. Made of EVA foam. 

I might get my stitches divided before bed.

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