Monday, October 12, 2020


If you are looking for a really easy scarf, how about the Crazy Scarf that Beth made? It takes 2 balls of Zauberball Crazy and 3.25mm, 40cm needles. You are knitting around and around. No seams. No wrong side and only 4 ends to sew in. 

Edited to Add - if you are purchasing 2 balls of Crazy, put a note on your order and we will add in the pattern. It is only available from The Needle Emporium.

These are the colours that Beth used for her scarf. 1511 and 1701. I took some quick pictures on Saturday. I will get better ones for the website this week.
1702 and 2099
2266 and 2248
2332 and 2266
1511 and 2095
2248 and 2092
2348 and 2427 - 2 brand new colours.
2248 and 2438
2266 and 2438
1511 and 2429

Dad and Beth went for a drive to Lindley’s and bought pumpkins for our front porches.

Dad has neighbours with two young children. They have pumpkins on their front porch but they are small so Dad bought them a big pumpkin. Dad and Beth decorated it for them.

Pretend Trip
From our hotel room we can see the Convention Centre and Petco Park where they is a baseball game this afternoon.

Here are some more pictures from the Zoo. We visited the Pandas after the Polar Bears.

You would swear it was a person dressed up.

Then back to the Polar Bears for feeding time.

I finally dragged Beth away from the Bears and we headed to see more animals.

We had a great day but were very tired when we got back to the hotel. You walk a lot at the zoo. 

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Rhona Smart said...

Pattern for scarf on today’s blog please.