Saturday, October 03, 2020

Math Class

These hexagons are joined to make a beautiful blanket. The pattern is from Tin Can Knits and can be purchased on Ravelry.

Remember in math class when you learned all those different shape names? Not really? Meet polygon, a blanket of scrumptious garter hexagons.

Four layout options are illustrated, however the blanket is modular, so you can adjust size by working more or less hexagons. 

The hexagons are worked from the outside to the inside - this means you are starting with a short circular and ending with double pointed needles (or a long needle doing magic loop). I think this is easier than working from the middle out. 

Tin Can Knits used a double knitting weight yarn for their afghan but you can use whatever thickness you want. Knitters on Ravelry have used fingering, sport, dk and worsted. 

You might be commenting that you don’t want to have to sew all the pieces together when finished. You’d rather knit a blanket where you join the pieces as you go. Yes, that is a great idea but as the blanket grows it is hard to carry around with you. This way you can carry around a hexagon in your purse.

While we are talking about an afghan that is knit in pieces, Andrea emailed me a picture of her finished Log Cabin Afghan. It is gorgeous. 

Now onto a secret project. I’m trying something and if it works I will be doing an order for new yarn on Monday.

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