Friday, September 11, 2020


It’s a great day when the Big Brown Truck pulls in with yarn from Uschitita.
Steffi did an amazing job with our colours. On Monday I will try and get everything photographed and on the website.
We made up Birds of a Feather kits for tomorrow.
From the top
Bon Bon
Eyes Wide Shut

Picking which colourway I want is going to be hard.
My Shift is growing. I really thought it would be finished for tomorrow but that isn’t going to happen. I will put it on a mannequin on the needles. It isn’t the first time that I haven’t finished a sample in time.

People have asked if we will have individual skeins of Dyed in the Wool available tomorrow. We made packages with two skeins of the same colour - enough for the colourwork on Andrea’s new sweater Junction. No, not every colour because we would like to have some sleep tonight.

Here are a few housekeeping items about tomorrow.

COVID Protocol
  • We ask that everyone wear a mask and practice social distancing
  • Due to limited space we ask that you limit it to 2 family members
  • The store will not be open
  • Our parking lot will be blocked off - there is parking in the empty lot beside the store
We’ve been getting emails about coming into the store to shop for LYS Day. The store will not be open tomorrow. 

Now I have one more sign to make and a few rows to knit.

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