Sunday, September 27, 2020


I made it to the colourwork this morning. Now the knitting is fun - I love two coloured knitting. I would have been further but there was a nap this afternoon. It was overcast and a cooler today. The perfect day for a nap.
It’s tiring being at the cottage.

We leave tomorrow morning. It’s been a fun weekend of doing nothing. 

And I’m going to pay for it when I get home. Ms. UPS is bringing a lot of boxes on Tuesday. A shipment from Biches & Buches including a brand new colour of Le Petit Lambswool. 

The new colours of Felted Tweed are coming as well.

Then on Wednesday Ms. UPS should be bringing our yarn from Old Soul Fiber Co. I can’t wait to see the yarn.

Now it’s time to knit before dinner. Then we have to finish our game of dominos. 

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