Saturday, September 26, 2020

At the Cottage

It is beautiful up north. The cottage is on Paint Lake.

My drive was uneventful and I arrived around noon. I had a nap and then rested. Cottage life. The cottage is a cottage. Rustic and comfortable. Lots of windows overlooking the lake, lots of paneling. Not a house on the lake. It reminds me of my grandfather’s cottage. Very inviting. Very cozy. Clean. 

The dogs are loving it here. Who wouldn’t like to play in the water all day long? Unfortunately Lucy had too much fun. We think she tore her ACL on Monday afternoon after they got here. She let out a cry and now she is limping like before surgery. Beth talked to the clinic that did her surgery and Lucy sees the vet on Wednesday. They sent a prescription for medication to a vet clinic in Huntsville so she is comfortable. She is still eating and her tail wags like crazy. She loves to lie on the dock. I was upset on Monday but now that I’ve seen her I know she’s okay. 

There was a bit of knitting last night while we were playing dominoes.

Breakfast is finished and the kitchen is clean so now it’s time to knit by the lake.

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