Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Meet Me at Midnight

Wannietta has been busy. Wow. Her Carlina looks amazing.
A box from Lynda arrived this morning. The shawl is beautiful! I will get more pictures tomorrow. It was so windy that my friends wouldn't go outside today.

Pattern: Meet Me at Midnight (purchased on Ravelry)
Yarn: The Fibre Co. Lore
Like the perfectly aligned hands of a clock at midnight, the exquisite center spine stitches of Meet Me at Midnight are designed to beautifully meet in the middle. (Be sure to check out those edge stitches too, which are are equally divine!) These features, combined with fun and surprisingly simple to knit bands of mosaic and texture will make this knitting project one you’ll not want to put down. 
Meet Me at Midnight is an elongated triangular shawl, knit flat, from the top down. Its gorgeous mosaic pattern is surprisingly simple to knit, using just one color per row to create stunning results.

I'm writing quickly because it is a crazy TV evening. The first night of Survivor and The Masked Singer along with the finale of Big Brother.

Survivor is almost over and Beth has agreed to pause for a few minutes so that I can add one more picture. Here is the start of Linientreu. I cast on with double pointed needles and did one row when I decided to switch to a 40cm circular. I just switched back to the double points. From now on I will start each triangle on the circular.
It's Tribal Council time and Beth is asking/begging/pleading/yelling at me to hurry.

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