Monday, September 09, 2019

I'm ribbing

Guthrie is dry and I am working on the ribbing. This is going to take longer than I thought. I might be casting off as the show starts Saturday morning.

A not so funny story - I get myself all set to knit but then realize that I don't have the yarn to do the ribbing. It's in my knitting bag in the store. Thankfully after some searching I found another skein at home and had to wind it before I could start.

Mr. FedEx came in today with the new Mason-Dixon Field Guide.

Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guides are little books that explore the big world of knitting, with patterns and stories to inspire the curious knitter.
The funny thing about giving is that it can warm the heart of both the recipient and the giver. That’s what we’re thinking about with this Field Guide. The joy of giving.
Knitting for others has a long, beautiful tradition in knitting, and everyone who has done it knows how it feeds the soul to make something for someone. It can be someone we love. Someone far away. Or someone we don’t even know.
In this Field Guide, we welcome one of the biggest-hearted knitters we know, Jen Geigley.
Jen’s specialty is quick knits that feel fresh and modern. We’ve got hats for every size head, one-size-fits-all cowls, a throw with afterthought bobbles, and a cozy cardigan. The yarn for all these projects? Rowan’s Big Wool, a light and lofty yarn that comes in a great palette of colors.
This idea of giving is so contagious. We hope you’ll join us as we make Jen Geigley’s big knits and see how much joy we can launch into the universe.
Go big! MDK Field Guide No. 12 celebrates the big joy of simple projects to make for those you love—and to give away. Five clever designs by Jen Geigley use Rowan Big Wool for quick results and the chance to make a bunch of colorful, gorgeous gifts.
Brambleberry Cowl: A rich texture to wrap around your neck. Uses four balls of Rowan Big Wool.

Sarah, Wannietta and Lynn will be in the booth with me on Saturday. I think we have it figured out as to when everyone is arriving, what they are wearing, what we need for lunches... All the important things.

I received a phone call this afternoon asking two very important questions that I haven't addressed.

1. What are your store hours on the weekend? We will be open on Friday from 10-5:30 and Saturday 10-4 - our regular store hours.

2. This customer hasn't been to the Knitters' Fair in a few years. The last time she went was the awful year when we reached capacity and they wouldn't let anyone in until people left. This is no longer an issue. There is room for everyone. If you were there that year and haven't been since, please come back. It is an awesome day surrounded by so much fibre and happiness.

There is a football game on and then a brand new show on HGTV. A Very Brady Renovation. I spent a lot of my youth watching the Brady family so it will be interesting to see the renovations they make to the house.

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