Sunday, September 22, 2019

Field Guides

Stephen West has a new book out. We don't have copies yet but we should have them by the middle of October.
photos ©Stephen West
This is Westfjords Wanderer. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry if you can't wait for the book.
Embrace your love for color with this luscious marled shawl. Hold two strands of yarn of yarn together throughout the entire project to blend the colors. Begin by knitting a long band of short row wedges that form a wide wavy shape. Pick up stitches and gradually decrease toward the top center of the shawl. The garter and stockinette stitches are very easy to knit so you can focus on painting with colors. This large canvas is ideal for mixing leftover bits of yarn with single skeins. I knit this marled shawl while visiting a friend up in the Westfjords of Iceland. Colorful garter stitch rows make the perfect travel knitting projects to keep you company while wandering and exploring new areas.
I am very tempted to start but not until my sweater is finished.

I follow the Weather Network on Twitter and they tweeted yesterday that the International Space Station was going over Southern Ontario tonight. Beth remembered in the nick of time and we saw it go over. From the time we could see it from the back deck until we couldn't see it out the front door took around 7 minutes. It was trucking!

We have all Mason-Dixon Knitting Field Guides in stock. Most have been added to the website as well.
Little books that explore the big world of knitting. It’s the series that is captivating knitters all over. Start your collection now.
Now back to my sweater and football, baseball and Big Brother. 

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