Monday, June 18, 2018

"The Swiss Army" tool of knitting

I brought some Knit Kits home with me. We have purple kits. They had a limited number at the show and I begged to purchase some so we had them right away.

Dubbed “The Swiss Army” tool of knitting, The Knit Kit offers 10 essential accessories needed for knitting on the go in an all-in-one solution. From a novice knitter to a seasoned knitting veteran, everyone needs a Knit Kit in their project bag! 
The Knit Kit includes a Row Counter (1), Crochet Hook (2), Retractible 5 ft. tape measure in both inches and centimeters (3), Thread Cutter (4), TSA Complaint Slip-N-Snip™ collapsible scissors (5), Round Stitch Markers - 4x 10mm and 4x 6mm (6), Locking Stitch Markers 2x (7), Point Protectors (8), Darning Needle (9), and a Needle Gauge (10) on the back compartment flap.  All together in a very durable, compact, easy to locate device.

The kits are $57.50.

Claire from Autumn and Indigo is getting ready to ship our yarn. Here is a sneak peek at three kits for Fading Point.
Oh my. I'm not sure if I'm going to put them out for sale. I might need them all for myself. The colours are gorgeous!!
I was in bed early last night which meant I was up early this morning. I was at the store before 8:30 to ship parcels. I got 9 boxes packed and to the post office. Happy Knitting! I treated myself to a nap this afternoon but that was a bad mistake. I had stupid dreams including that I was playing in the World Series of Poker in Vegas. Tonight I'm going to knit. There was no time in Cleveland. Now it's time to start dinner- we're barbecuing tonight. The rain has stopped right now so I hope I get it finished before it starts again.

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